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Gli infusi del bosco

Packaging illustrati limited edition

Well-being moments in the forest enchanting atmosphere. A journey into the woods with flavours and illustrated patterns.

For the herbal tea company Neavita.it I designed three illustrated concepts with three different infusions. The products were sold in limited series in Winter 2021.

A colour palette was chosen for better differentiate three different infusion products: Rosa Canina and Lamponi, Enchanted Forest, Ribes and Blueberries; colours were selected to evoke forest atmosphere.

The patterns include different elements: the ingredients that make the infusions, animals and plants from the forest, a small claim in hand lettering. Illustrations were made with digital technique.

Harmonic and replicable compositions were developed to be inserted within different supports: ceramic mug, tin “picnic basket”, cardboard box, metal “duo” box.

Illustrations, Lettering and graphic design: Maria Marega
Art direction: Manuel Rigo, Luca Emanuele Simonato
Render and execution: Opificio Lamantini Anonimi
Customer: HP Italia srl – Neavita
Year: 2020 – 2021

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