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La collina dorata

Brand identity for the new Market Garden

"Is it possible to create
a small-scale business model that is fair for the people
and sustainable for the environment?"

La Collina Dorata is a Market Garden project in the Marche Italian Region where production is focused on seasonal, regenerative, and organic methods. 

In 2022, the Italian-English family consisting of Owen, Eleonora, little Aurelio, along with their dog Ralph, left the United Kingdom to realize their dream in Italy: to offer good and environmentally friendly food, thanks to slow and conscious cultivation.

In their flourishing garden, flowers grow abundantly, taking their time to develop, while also offering a sensory experience that heals the soul.

La Collina Dorata is part of Slow Flowers Italy

A strong brand identity has been developed to embody the company’s core values:

  • living slowly in contact with nature 
  • manual work that requires care and attention
  • love for the territory and biodiversity 
  • hospitality and genuineness in relationship with people

Every element of the visual identity aims to be a reminder of the beauty of outdoor life, attention to detail, and the passion for doing the work one loves

The illustrated icon is composed of 5 elements that represent the types of cultivation in La Collina Dorata and the wildest part of the territory that surrounds them: cultivated flowers, vegetables, olives, local flora and fauna.

Graphic Design: Maria Marega
Customer: La Collina Dorata
Year: 2022/2023

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