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Map for Centro Ottico Bastia

Illustrated map printed on fabric

The core of the Centro Ottico Bastia’s mission is to promote a revolutionary way to create beauty.

For Chiara, the company owner, giving value to our personality allows the authentic exchange of knowledge and emotions, contamination and growth.

In this project Chiara asked me to create an image to be used as a unique and original gadget for her store. An illustration that describes the beauty of the small universe that surrounds her. The optical center is indeed located in a small town of 4.900 inhabitants between Padua and Vicenza on the Euganean Hills. Aim of the shop is to be more than a common optical store: unique glasses chosen from the best Italian brands are available there.

I created an illustrated map which was printed on fabric support to create a unique lens cleaning cloth. The gadget is gifted to the customers who purchase a new pair of glasses. The illustration was first developed using watercolour and then digitised and prepared for the final usage.

Illustrator: Maria Marega
In collaboration with: Obliquo Design
Customer: Ottica Bastia
Year: 2018

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