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Santa Rita Veterinary Clinic

Logo and brand identity for a veterinary clinic

Santa Rita Veterinary Clinic is a veterinary clinic based in Vigonza (Padua, Italy). Their mission is to welcome and take care of pets by adopting advanced medical treatments.

The aim of the project was to develop a new illustrated logo, which might not be recognised as the classic “medical world” or “health veterinary” logo. Therefore, I focused my research on creating a more friendly and emotional illustrated identity which immediately spreads the clinic’s care and hospitality skills.

To communicate a family space environment, which was at the same time professional and well structured, I’ve focused on different aspects.
First I chose the blue cross: the icon universally used in the veterinary world, to immediately recognise the clinic field. Then I softly shaped it to accomodate some typical clinic’s patients like dogs, cats, but also exotic animals.

Blue is the “key color” which was chosen to trigger a warm palette and strong contrasts. The font was specifically selected to dialogue with the images. 

The results was a logo which was declined for all the clinic information medias: brochure, business card, website, social pages but also printed support for window, road signs, and a sticker for the home service cars.

Graphics, Illustrations and Art direction: Maria Marega
Customer: Clinica Veterinaria Santa Rita
Year: 2018

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