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Logo and brand identity for a new children's online store

"Have you ever observed children in their moments of discovery? "The curiosity, the wonder, the engagement, the concentration that bloom in these moments, grant to us viewers the enchantment; time seems to be magically suspended."

Manine in Gioco aspires to be more than just a toy store. The aim is to create a hub where people can exchange innovative tools and ideas.

The e-commerce platform offers a wide range of educational materials, toys, children’s books, and reference books. Each brand is meticulously chosen to guarantee the highest standards.

During the brand identity study of Manine in Gioco, it was essential to communicate these values. The logo needed to embody a space where one could find kindness, care, quality, but also playfulness and fun!

Every aspect, from the color palette to the personalized typography and icon, were thoroughly studied to be beautiful, elegant, and well-crafted, just like the spirit of this store.

"Why Manine in Gioco? Because it is specifically through their hands that children experience and bring to life their feelings, learnings, understandings, and explorations... Hands serve as the primary pathway to actively comprehend and engage with the world."

Lettering and graphic design: Maria Marega
Customer: Manine in Gioco
Year: 2022

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